Un portrait de Montvalent

Un portrait de Montvalent

Dolmens - Livernon

The menhir of Bélinac, one of the most remarkable in Quercy, a huge irregular limestone slab around 3.5m high and only 30cm thick, lies 2km to the south-west of Livernon. It was classed as a historic monument in 1978.

The dolmen of Pierre Martine, the most visited and the largest dolmen in Quercy, was classed as a historic monument in 1889. Several human skulls and a copper knife were found in the chamber. Not far from the path leading to the dolmen can be seen the limestone strata which served for its construction. Up until 1966 the huge table stone rocked when pushed gently, a balancing act going back thousands of years until the stone developed a central crack under its own weight in 1948. To prevent its collapse, specialists in 1966 were obliged to install a concrete prop at each end of the structure.

The dolmen of Rougié can be found very close to the dolmen de la Pierre Martine.

The dolmen of Pouzats or Pech Peyrou is to the south of Bélinac, not far from the D13 Figeac-Cahors, by the side of a combe in the middle of private field, up against a cherry tree. This dolmen was classified a monument historic in 1980.

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