Un portrait de Montvalent

Un portrait de Montvalent

Dolmens of Alvignac

The necropolis of Viroulou is situated on a hill overlooking the old military camp of Lacalm, near the place called Viroulou. It comprises a number of dolmens and tumuli.

Abbé Lemozi explored the area in 1911 and wrote, "This necropolis comprises 20 to 25 tombs of three kinds - dolmens, tumuli and dolmens under tumuli." He describes the contents of one of the tumuli : "...measuring 30m in circumference and only 1m high. It contained five skeletons placed on top of each other, the highest only just covered with earth. The skeletons underneath had been buried there in the late Bronze Age and there had been further burials during the Iron Age. This tomb, pillaged by local shepherds, still contained a broken vase, an iron ring and bronze tweezers."


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